Waves from more than one direction

In answer to a comment I received yesterday about the sand ripple pattern photographs I posted, I do think that sometimes the complex sand ripple patterns on the beach are created when the water coming ashore hits the beach or recedes from the shore in different directions, at varying angles. These videos show very shallow water waves gently breaking on the sand in that way, and then ebbing, flowing over the sand ripples they are shaping, on the beach at Rhossili in the Gower Peninsula of South Wales.


Bladder Wrack at Fermoyle

Flat Wrack at Fermoyle

It was tranquil at Fermoyle on the Dingle Peninsula. Hardly a soul on the long sandy part of the beach, and only a solitary angler on the red rocky promontory at the western end. Vast swathes of short fruiting seaweeds clung to the rocks at the water’s edge, where the only sound breaking the stillness was the water gently lapping on the shore, while the seaweed danced slowly to the rhythm of the waves.

Waves Breaking at Clogher Bay

Waves breaking on rocks video clip

It was a beautiful sunny and calm afternoon when we arrived at Clogher Bay on the Dingle peninsula. We had spent the morning at Smerwick Harbour just a short distance away where all was tranquil and the waves lapped gently on the sandy beach. So we couldn’t believe the ferocity of the waves coming to shore as they crashed against the jagged rocks at Clogher. Apparently it is often like that and there are signs posted warning against swimming because it is so dangerous. The video was shot into direct sunlight, with mist rolling down from the hills behind and sea spray  rising up to meet it.

Warning signs against swimming at Clogher


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Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

I had a wonderful day out at the Dorset County Show yesterday. It was great fun, very noisy, very busy, and too much to see in just one day. The warm sunny weather meant that it was really well attended and there was a sea of people as far as the eye could see – all having a good time. I especially enjoyed getting up close to all the farm animals – like these delightful Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs from the Ansty Herd near Dorchester. The piglets were really cute. Children just loved putting their fingers through the enclosure mesh to tickle the piglets, and the piglets seemed to be pleased with all the attention.


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Eype Beach Stream 4

Eype Beach Stream 2