Studland Water Patterns

Natural water patterns

The sea is blue isn’t it? Well, it is if it is deep or if it is reflecting the blue sky. When the water is shallow, it looks clear. If the water is flowing over sand then a photograph of the subject will be predominantly yellow. Natural patterns of reflected light on the edges of the waves, wind-driven ripplets, and on the seabed, are a network of white lines on the neutral background. Somehow, the negative images as shown here emphasise the patterns and maybe look more attractive. These pictures were taken at Knoll Beach on Studland Bay in Dorset, England. Click the images to enlarge and see the details. Each image captures a fleeting moment in the fast-moving and constantly changing kaleidoscopic reflection patterns on the water’s edge.

Patterns of reflected light on water

Patterns of reflected light on wate

Patterns of reflected light on wate

Patterns of reflected light on wate

Patterns of reflected light on wate

The waters at the mouth of the River Char

Flowing water pattern and texture

The river flowing down to the seashore meets with waves from the sea at Charmouth in Dorset, England. This somewhat abstract image of the natural patterns generated from the meeting of the two forces shows the freshwater continuing to flow smoothly seawards on the left of the channel (top left) while on the right it rebounds from the curving bank with the ripples moving upstream and towards the middle of the channel. The blue and white are reflected sky, and the yellow is reflection from the shingle beach.

Water pattern & texture in Weymouth waves 2

The further you walk along Weymouth pier the deeper and bluer the water – turquoise tinted. In the shallows, the sand on the sea bed makes the water appear more yellow. On this calm day, the water surface was riffled by the wind to produce patterned textures where the transient ridges were delineated by the light they caught.

Water pattern & texture in Weymouth waves 1

Water pattern and texture on rippled shallow waves

These images are a study of patterns and surface texture on the shallow water over the sandy seabed at Weymouth, viewed from the promenade leading to the pier. I like the way that the waves look as if they are drawn with fine lines onto the sea with a white pencil. The clear water reveals the yellow of the sand below the waves. (If you wish, you can click on the photographs to enlarge them and see the details).